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About Us

Owners Richie (pictured right) and Kenny (pictured left) both worked their entire lives in the building material industry.  RAKS was established in January 1986, and both Richie and Kenny are still active in the day to day operations at RAKS.  Seeing home owners build their dream home inspires them to be the best building supplier that RAKS can be.

Richie "I enjoy every aspect of the lumber & hardware business doing everything from start to finish.  Meeting every person that I work with or customers that I cross paths with.  It has truly been very rewarding."


Kenny "Each morning I always try to start my day with a positive attitude; it becomes contagious with my employees.  I always try to take time to have a conversation with the customer and thank them for shopping with us.  I believe that every customer and employee is important to my business."


"Our goals as home professional are not only providing the best customer service and materials for our customers, but also providing a great and enjoyable working environment for our employees."

Grand Opening of RAKS Building Supply in Los Lunas in 1986.
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