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Dimensional Framing Lumber

RAKS Building Supply knows the importance of providing our customers with the best product, especially when it comes to dimensional and framing lumber. We are dedicated to bringing you quality lumber at competitive prices. We are happy to help you with determining what size and type will be best for your project. Our yard crew will load your lumber for you before you leave the yard or we also offer statewide delivery. Contact us by phone or come into your local store to get more information about dimensional and framing lumber at RAKS Building Supply.


#2 & BTR Doug Fir

#2 STD & BTR Hem Fir

#2 STD & BTR Pine

1’s #2 & BTR

1’s #3 Resaw

1’s #3 & BTR

1’s D Select

Furring Strips



Timber S4S

Finger Joint

Purchase your dimensional framing lumber from RAKS Building Supply in Los Lunas, Albuquerque, Socorro and Edgewood, New Mexico.

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