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Concrete Supplies

RAKS Building Supply has a premium and broad selection of concrete supplies. We have steel rebar, also known as reinforcing steel, steel remesh and steel rebar tie wire. Reinforcing concrete is important for projects, both large and small. RAKS has what you need to get the job done correctly and efficiently.

Steel Rebar (Reinforcing Steel)

Steel rebar is essential for reinforcing concrete. //  Steel rebar provides structural support for the long term.  //  Steel rebar helps to prevent cracking and breaking in the concrete due to the tension caused to it by expanding and contracting from changes in the climate.

Steel Rebar Tie Wire

Rebar tie wire is used for securing rebar posts or to tie several posts together before concrete is poured.

Steel Remesh

Steel remesh is used as a reinforcement for concrete to add strength and control cracking.

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