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Plumbing Supplies

RAKS Building Supply has a broad and organized selection of plumbing supplies for large jobs, remodels and quick repairs.

Pipe and Pipe Fittings

PVC Pipe and Pipe Fittings  //  CPVC Pipe and Pipe Fittings  //  Galvanized Pipe and Pipe Fittings  //  Copper Fittings  //  Brass Fittings  //  PVC Electrical Conduit  // 

Push Fittings

Tools and Supplies

Pipe Cements, Primers and Cleaners  //  Plumbers Tape  //  Tube Cutters, Crimp Tools and Wrenches  //  Valves and Valve Tools  //  Drains and Flanges

Irrigation Supplies

Drip Drainage  //  Underground Irrigation  //  Sprinklers

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