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Fence and Fencing Materials

RAKS Building Supply carries a broad selection of fence and fencing materials to meet your needs. We keep several varieties of fence and fence supplies in stock , ready for pickup or delivery. Chain link fence provides security for your home as well as keeping children and pets safe. We have various heights, mesh sizes and gauges. Wood fence is available in wood panels and split rail styles. Wood panel is useful for extra privacy while split rail provides a more rustic open look. Poultry netting is not only good to contain chickens or rabbits, but also can be used to keep animals out of gardens. Field fence is on hand and used to keep livestock contained. Horse fence is safe and efficient to keep your large animals enclosed. Snow fence/barrier safety fence is very versatile because it can be used for construction sites, road work, crowd control, ski areas or areas that need to be fenced off. It is UV resistant, highly visible, flexible and lightweight.  RAKS Building Supply also has the posts, gates and tools necessary to complete your fencing project.

Come to RAKS for your chain link, wood fence, chicken wire, snow fence and fencing supplies.

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